Approximately half of Mercer Law Students take advantage of opportunities for real life practice experiences through one of five classes offered within the field placement program:

  • Externship I
  • Externship II
  • Judicial Field Placement
  • Legislative Field Placement
  • Summer Externship 

These opportunities provide students practical work experience while also proving faculty supervision and guided reflection by including an educational component involving discussions, readings, and weekly reflective journals to help students learn form their fieldwork experiences. 

Benefits of the Externship Program include: 

  • A great learning experience, letting students apply the knowledge they’ve learned in law school to actual practice settings.
  • Practice at being a professional within a support structure of both a fieldwork supervisor and a faculty member.
  • A great way to try out a field that you may or may not want to work in later. Students learn about their own placement and also about those of fellow classmates, through classroom discussion.
  • Creating networking opportunities. Some students have secured temporary or permanent jobs at either their placement sites or through contacts developed during the placement.
  • Enhancing your resume, giving you a list of specific skills and experiences that you have gained through the fieldwork. 
Apply to the Externship I & II here. For the Macon externship, you must also submit your resume in Symplicity under the Macon Externship session.

Semester-in-Atlanta Program

The law school now offers a Semester-in-Atlanta program for third year students, which began in the Spring of 2015.  The Program allows students to participate in expanded externships in Atlanta during the academic year, as well as take additional law courses offered on Mercer’s Atlanta campus. 

Description of the Program

The centerpiece of the Atlanta program is an expanded Externship course. For purposes of the Atlanta program, we have increased the number of credits that may be earned in Externship in a single semester, from the current maximum of 4 to a maximum of 12 credit hours. Students may take from 4 to 12 credit hours of Externship during the Atlanta semester; additional credit hours are allocated based upon additional field work hours. All students in Externship I, no matter how many hours credit they are taking, will take the same two hour per week Externship seminar (taught one evening per week on the Atlanta campus) and have the same requirements as to journals and online discussion. Students who take Externship II (that is, those students who have already completed Externship I) will have the same requirements as the current course requirements, including individual meetings with the professor and completion of a paper or a project relating to the field work.
In addition to the Externship courses, additional elective courses are offered on the Atlanta campus each semester.  As a result, it is possible for some third year students to take their entire course load in Atlanta. It is also possible to take some courses in Atlanta and some courses in Macon.
Please note that the above changes to externship hours and other requirements only apply to externships in Atlanta.  The requirement as to hours and credits for Externship courses taken in Macon has not changed.


There are two separate applications you should be aware of for this program. First, there is a list of Atlanta externship placements that participate in a consortium of the Georgia law schools; you may apply through our Career Services Office to those offices. The deadline for those applications for Spring will typically be the end of September and will be the end of February for Fall semester. Those placements interview students and make their selection by the first of November for Spring and the rest of April for Fall.
The second application is necessary for you to register for the Externship course in Atlanta. Enrollment in the Atlanta section of Externship will be by application and permission of the professor teaching the course. Application deadlines will typically be just before registration.   You may not register for the Externship course in Atlanta unless you have secured a field placement.
If you have any questions or wish further information, please contact Tim Floyd.