The Mercer Difference

Mercer’s Advocacy Program favors an interactive, individualized, and community-based approach to training advocates. Students will engage directly and extensively with program leadership to train and to create a pathway through our course offerings that is individually tailored to each student’s interests and career goals. Our program endeavors to serve students, to generate a high degree of faculty interaction and direct mentorship, and to recognize that every advocate is unique in style, in strengths, and in subject matter interest. This collaboration, not dictation, is the Mercer Difference.

With a nationally-ranked and widely recognized advocacy program, Mercer Law students are successful and driven.

Advocacy students are preparing not just to win competitions, but to become practice-ready lawyers.


“Mercer Law prepared me for my career by placing me in an environment that challenged me yet nurtured me—allowing me to practice and acquire the skills I needed to become a practice-ready attorney very early in my career. From oral advocacy skills to client counseling, Mercer Law poured into me a wealth of skills I use in my practice every day.”

Lauren Atkinson, ’18
Staff Attorney, Professional Association of Georgia Educators