Stock Transfer

There are three easy ways to give securities to Mercer University School of Law:

  1. Electronic Transfer
    It is very important that the donor or his/her broker notify Mercer (1-800-837-2911) of the impending transfer.
    The University must know the name of the stock, the number of shares, the name of the donor, and the designation of the gift in order to credit the gift properly. Please send an email to Chrystal Bate, director of advancement services, indicating the number of shares/company that Mercer is expected to receive and which entity (Morgan Stanley or Merrill Lynch) will be sending the transfer. Please include a note indicating to which school/fund you would like the gift applied, as well as any additional information you would like to provide.Stocks can be transferred electronically to Mercer’s Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, or Merrill Lynch accounts with the following information:

    • Official name of the University: The Corporation of Mercer University
      Tax Identification Number: 58-0566167
      Receiving brokerage firm: Merrill Lynch
      Contact: OMS Group – Jennifer Fromm
      (800) 456-0385 or (478) 471-4126
      DTC 8862 ACCOUNT NUMBER: 744-04013
    • Official name of the University: The Corporation of Mercer University
      Tax Identification Number: 58-0566167
      Receiving brokerage firm: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
      Contact: Thomas Gibbons
      (800) 926-2136 or (478) 471-2244
      DTC: 0015 ACCOUNT NUMBER: 174-112491-068

      Following IRS regulations, valuation of the gift will be based on the date the stock transfers into the University’s account, unless the University has previously signed agency papers with the transferring organization.

  2. If your Broker (or Banker) Holds the Stock in Street Name:
    • Instruct your broker in writing the specific shares you wish to donate to Mercer University.
    • Have your broker call Mercer to receive instructions on the disposition of the donated shares.
    • Stock valuation will be the date the transferred shares reach the University’s account. For this reason, it is imperative that your broker transfer stock in an expedient manner. A stock gift is complete only when the actual transfer takes place.
  3. If You Hold the Certificates:
    • Send UNENDORSED certificate by REGISTERED mail to:
      University Advancement
      Mercer University
      1501 Mercer University Drive
      Macon, GA 31207
    • By SEPARATE first class mail, send a stock power signed exactly as your name appears on the UNENDORSED CERTIFICATE, with your signature guaranteed by a bank officer.
    • Stock powers can be obtained from your broker, banker, or the University. Include a letter indicating for what purpose the gift is being given. Stock valuation date will be the postmark date on the envelope containing the stock power.
    • If the certificate is made out in the name of Mercer University, valuation will be made as of the issue date recorded on the certificate.