Legal Writing

Mercer Law’s nationally-recognized Legal Writing Program prepares students with the essential legal research and writing skills they need to be prepared to practice right after graduation.

We offer more courses in the essential skills of legal research and writing than most law schools and the nation’s first – and still one of the only such certificates in the country – certificate in advanced legal writing, research, and drafting. Employers recognize that when they hire a Mercer Law graduate, they are hiring a lawyer who is highly trained in these skills.

Writing matters at Mercer because the University continues its commitment to prepare students for the practice of law, which now more than ever, requires superb writing skills. We offer not only a variety of writing instruction, but also other opportunities for our students to write more than typical law students. Students write more than memos and briefs. They write complaints, emails, interrogatories, letters, contracts, and PowerPoint presentations. Externships, experiential courses, and upper-level writing courses promote development of advanced writing skills. Members of Mercer Law Review and moot court teams write complex documents.

Mercer’s Legal Writing Curriculum

Courses in Mercer’s Legal Writing Curriculum

Certificate in Advanced Legal Writing, Research, & Drafting

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Research & Writing Curriculum for a Certificate Student

Adam A. Milani Disability Law Writing Competition

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