Law Faculty

Faculty & Staff

There is a common perception of law school as a rigid institution with inaccessible professors and ruthlessly competitive students. This simply isn’t the case at Mercer. We hold ourselves to a much higher standard, and it starts with a faculty of nationally renowned legal scholars who are here for one reason - to teach.

The first time you walk through the Law School building, you will find professors’ office doors open. You will see them speaking with students in offices, classrooms, and hallways about issues ranging from complex legal topics to upcoming weekend plans.  

As a student at Mercer, you will likely find yourself working alongside distinguished professors in service to the community, and in co-curricular activities such as the Law Review, moot court, mock trial and client counseling competitions.

Nothing satisfies our professors more than watching bright, motivated individuals evolve over the course of their three years at Mercer and make the transition from student to colleague.