Explore Macon

Some call Macon a big city. Others say it’s a small town. We believe it’s just right – and we think you’ll agree.

Located in the heart of Georgia, Mercer Law’s hometown of Macon is a flourishing Southern metropolis with a soul unmatched by any other. Macon boasts regal historical landmarks, a trendy arts and culture scene, lively local hangouts, and a little something for everyone.

Macon has restaurants, nightlife, things to do and see, and fun to be had. There’s always a place to go, a band to see, or an event to attend.

Highlights of Macon throughout the year include:

Macon is the seat of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Georgia and the home of a thriving and active legal community, including the main office of the United States Attorney and office of the federal defender for the district. This environment provides Mercer Law students a full range of opportunities needed to prepare for a career in any field of law, anywhere in the world.  The vast professional opportunities in Atlanta—one of the nation’s most exciting metropolitan cities and the legal epicenter of the Southeast—offer Mercer Law students and graduates many externships and employment options.