Internal Scholarships

Mercer Law School offers merit scholarships each year to applicants whose academic records, LSAT or GRE scores, and personal achievements demonstrate the potential for outstanding performance in the study of law.

Every accepted applicant is automatically considered for a merit scholarship, no additional application is needed. (With the exception of the George W. Woodruff Scholarship. See description below.)

Subject to availability of funding, the Law School also provides some limited additional scholarship awards to students who are ranked in the top segment of their class after the first year and who received little or no other Mercer scholarship awards when they entered. Scholarships are renewed for students in good standing.

Scholarship Deadlines: Priority deadline for scholarship consideration is January 15. The Woodruff Scholarship deadline is December 15. Admissions application must be submitted and completed by December 15 to be considered for the Woodruff Scholarship.

External / Outside Scholarships

External scholarships are awarded through various outside (non-Mercer) organizations. The total financial aid that a student can receive annually, including external awards, cannot exceed the estimated cost of attendance at Mercer Law.

If you are awarded a scholarship(s) from a source other than Mercer, you must notify the Office of Financial Aid on your Mercer Financial Aid Application each year.

If you receive an external scholarship after you have completed your Mercer Financial Aid Application, please email contact us at If you fail to report an external scholarship, you may be required to repay Mercer University or the government all or part of your financial aid package.

We are required to make adjustments for external scholarships if a student’s demonstrated eligibility (or total cost of attendance) has already been met. To the extent possible, Mercer Law’s policy is to adjust loans and work study awards before reducing students’ Mercer Law merit scholarships. You should inform Mercer Law’s Office of Financial Aid of any special instructions regarding external scholarships.

All checks for external scholarships should be made payable to MERCER UNIVERSITY and sent to:

Mercer Law – Office of Financial Aid
1021 Georgia Avenue
Macon, Georgia 31207

External scholarships will be posted as a payment to your student account. Mercer Law’s policy is to divide external scholarships equally between fall and spring semesters unless otherwise specified by the donor.