Campaign Goals

An orange and black progress bar at 33%, with text above that reads "Campaign Progress" and text below that reads "$5.53 million as of June 4, 2024"

Goal: $15 million
Timeline: Three-year campaign, ends December 31, 2026
Areas of Need: Scholarships, Student Success Programs, Facilities Enhancement

At the heart of our vision lie three pivotal goals:

Student taking notes

Access for All

Anyone, regardless of their background or financial status, has the opportunity to gain entry into our distinguished halls.

Students taking notes in a classroom

Success for All

At Mercer Law, we don’t want students to just survive law school. We want them to thrive. Help us extend experiential experiences that include litigation-based and transactional-based opportunities. Financial support enables us to expand the curriculum to reflect technological advancement and the demands of practice. Support also enables us to enhance leadership skills.

Portrait of a woman smiling

Facilities for All

The historic building on Coleman Hill is a wonderful place to study and learn. Help us respect and update the space to foster collaborative learning. We will be renovating our law school library, classrooms, and study rooms to ensure that students can gather, work together, and learn from each other.