Cost of Attendance

We work to keep the value of your degree high and the tuition as low as possible.

Mercer Law School is committed to helping students receive the quality legal education we provide by working with students to obtain the financial assistance they need. Currently, students receive financial assistance in the form of scholarships, loans, and/or work study.

Students may receive up to the maximum cost of attendance through various types of financial aid. All costs are calculated on a 9-month academic year.


  Tuition and Fees   Total for Year
  Tuition   $42,832
  Fees   $300
  Total   $43,132


  Living Allowance   Total for Year
  Housing ($980/month)   $8,820
  Utilities ($194/month)   $1,746
  Food ($358/month)   $3,222
  Transportation ($247/month)   $2,223
  Personal Expenses ($111/month)   $999
  Books   $1,141
  Average Loan Fees   $1,213
  Bar Exam Fee*   $1,117
  Total Living Allowance   $19,364

*Third-year students only. The department of education has implemented new guidelines that allow for students to borrow for the cost of the bar exam upfront in their third year.

Total Cost of Attendance: $62,496



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