Student Organizations

American Constitutional Society

Amnesty International

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) is an organization dedicated to the advancement of Asian Pacific American law students by educating the community about Asian Pacific American issues, providing a network with the legal profession and the community at large, and providing a forum to discuss Asian Pacific American topics.  Our organization strives to raise awareness and keep our members informed of legal issues surrounding the Asian Pacific community by inviting guest speakers, volunteering, and raising funds for international charities through organizing fundraisers, such as the famous campus chili contest and campus food sales.


Association of Women Law Students

The Association of Women Law Students (AWLS) is among the largest and most active student organizations on campus. Our mission is to promote the awareness of the advantages and disadvantages women may encounter in the legal profession, support the advancement of women in the legal profession, and serve the community in which we live. Membership is open to any law student who supports the goals of the organization. As part of our mission the association: hosts speakers on issues unique to women in the field of law, offers scholarship opportunities for women, and sponsors networking opportunities to promote interaction between its members and legal professionals. Members of the association receive exclusive benefits including: access to the AWLS outline bank, the opportunity to participate in the association’s mentor-mentee program, and admission to the association’s outlining and exam success seminars. AWLS is also dedicated to serving our community and actively supports ongoing service projects in Middle Georgia. Each fall the association hosts numerous events during the month of October to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research and treatment. This year AWLS raised over $4,500 to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure. In addition, each spring the association hosts its annual charity ball and auction where students and faculty members place live and silent bids on items ranging from dinner with your favorite professor, to a weekend beach getaway, to VIP parking at the law school. Last spring AWLS raised $12,830 to benefit Jay’s Hope, The Ronald McDonald House, and The Sunshine House.

Black Law Students Association

The Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is one of the largest and most active organizations on Mercer Law School’s campus. The Mercer BLSA chapter is affiliated with the National Black Law Students Association (NBLSA) and the Southern Region Black Law Students Association (SRBLSA). Our participation in various activities keeps BLSA highly visible within the law school and the community. Working to benefit its membership, the entire student body, and the community at large, the organization sponsors such events as Minority Orientation for incoming students; academic programming and support for all class years; a Book Swap and participation in the Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition. BLSA’s community outreach initiatives include: feeding the homeless at a local church, clothing and food drives, mentoring students at an after school program and sponsoring blood and health awareness drives. The organization has brought to the law school community prominent speakers such as the Honorable Judge M. Yvette Miller, Virgil Adams, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, and Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Carol W. Hunstein.

Christian Legal Society

The Christian Legal Society (CLS) is a national organization of judges, lawyers, professors, and law students from Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Christian backgrounds. Law Student Ministries (LSM), one of CLS’s four ministry divisions, supports 160 student fellowships at law schools throughout the United States. The mission of each CLS chapter is “to maintain a vibrant Christian law fellowship that enables its members to love the Lord with their whole beings—hearts, souls, and minds—and to love their neighbors as themselves.” To that end, our purpose here at Mercer is to share life and the law school experience with you. We want to help you understand that your spiritual life and your everyday life in law school are not separate, and to help you find your purpose here at Mercer.

Education Law Society

The Education Law Society’s goals include facilitating community outreach and raising awareness about education law related issues. The organization currently partners with four Macon based community centers in order to help law students become more involved in the local community through mentoring and tutoring. Each year the Education Law Society strives to bring two speakers to the law school campus to address the pressing issues in education law, and make students aware of these issues. Raising awareness about education law related issues gives law students the opportunity to better understand the field of education law and if desired to seek out other opportunities in this area of study.


Environmental Law Society

The Mercer Environmental Law Society’s (ELS) goals include community outreach, volunteerism, education, and environmental law related issues. ELS provides the opportunity for students to volunteer, attend conferences on environmental law, and brings in speakers to address the upcoming field of environmental law.


Hispanic Law Student Association

The Hispanic Law Student Organization (HLSA) is an organization that seeks to provide a variety of educational experiences that will encourage organization members and the student body to broaden their knowledge of Hispanic culture through conferences, special events, and other networking opportunities. Membership is open to any law student is interested in the Hispanic culture and issues. HLSA objective is to create a diverse and supportive, learning, working, and living environment in which Hispanic students, as well as the Law School community, can discover and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Hispanic cultural heritage and the issues that face Hispanics residing in the United States.

International Law Student Association

The International Law Student Association aims to promote awareness, study, and understanding of international law and related issues. Through its events and involvement on campus and throughout the community, ILSA seeks to encourage communication, cooperation, and exchange between students, professionals, and others interested in the vast world of international law. Our diverse membership contributes to our ability as an organization to generate a general awareness of international law and its impacts on society, as well as to facilitate the establishment and growth of a network of professionals and students interested in international law. ILSA encourages student participation in the Jessup Cup International Law Moot Court Competition and has sponsored numerous and varied activities on campus, ranging from speaking engagements to professional development sessions to cultural awareness activities. The organization has brought to campus such distinguished speakers as a leading expert on human trafficking, the director of the Georgia ACLU’s National Security and Immigration Project, senior members of the national intelligence community, and leading Islamic law scholars. ILSA has also been involved in locally-sponsored cultural awareness activities, most notably the International Cherry Blossom Festival held in downtown Macon.

Legal Aid Volunteer Organization

The Mercer Legal Aid Volunteer Association (LAVA) seeks to promote the integrity of our community's justice system by endeavoring to ensure that all those who require legal representation have meaningful access to it.

Mercer Association of Prosecutors

Mercer Association of Veteran Students

Mission Statement: “To serve those who have sacrificed so much”

The Mercer Association of Veteran Students (MAVS) serves the community of Veterans at Mercer Law. Keeping in mind always the immeasurable sacrifices of so many service members, their families, and even their friends, we continually strive to build supportive relationships between and provide outreach to those persons within the Mercer community and abroad. We are comprised of members of the armed forces, former policemen and firefighters, and their families and friends.

Mercer Criminal Defense Club

Mercer Federalist Society

Mercer Health Law Society

Mercer Health Law Society is an organization providing a forum for students interested in the healthcare system and how it intersects with the law. The organization works to promote the discussion of hot topics within healthcare, create awareness throughout the student body of community health-related issues, and to provide students with information on the legal system and how it changes, governs, and stabilizes the physician and patient relationship. The organization is open to all students and views, and provides students with opportunities to interact and engage the community on health law issues.

Mercer Law Democrats

The Mercer Law Democrats support the philosophies and platform of the Democratic party. To this end, it is the goal of the Mercer Law Democrats to support all efforts to increase student participation in Democratic affairs. In doing so, this organization seeks to 1) educate its members and the student body as a whole about the philosophy of the Democratic Party; 2) assist in the election of local, state, and national Democratic candidates; and 3) affect political change on the local, state, and national level. Open to any student who has the best interests of the Mercer Democrats and the Democratic Party at heart, the Mercer Law Democrats are reorganized and reenergized to bring an intentional focus to the political process and issues facing all students, regardless of party affiliation.

Mercer Law Free Press

The Mercer Law Free Press is an online publication run by the students of Mercer Law. The purpose of the website is to allow for the sharing of ideas, while giving students an opporutunity to strengthen their writing skills. The website hopes to foster relationships between the students, prospective students, faculty, alumni, and potential employers.

Check the website regularly for new stories concerning Mercer Law, the legal community, and stories directly from our students about their encounters in summer employment, bar prep, and the overall law school experience.

Visit Mercer Law Free Press.

Mercer Law Republicans

Our Purpose:

To make known and promote the principles of Republican Party among members of the Mercer University School of Law campus and community. To aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government. To encourage and assist in the organization and active functioning of the Republican Party at local, state, and national levels. To develop political skills and leadership abilities among Republican students as preparation for future service by them to the party and community. Join today for just $25! Visit our Facebook page here.


Mercer National Security Law Association

Mercer’s National Security Law Society (NSLS) is a non-partisan organization that welcomes persons of all backgrounds to engage in discourse on national security. In order to foster interest and understanding of the host of legal issues arising out of the national security field and its many sub-sects, NSLS sponsors guest speakers who are distinguished scholars or practitioners in the field; aids members in their pursuit of careers in national security through collaboration with other student organizations and Career Services; and aspires to contribute to the development of national security law. Last year’s events included: In Fall 2012, NSLS co-sponsored a lunch lecture and Q & A with Department of Defense attorney Jon Simpson. In Spring 2013, NSLS sponsored an afternoon lecture and Q & A with retired Central Intelligence Agency counsel Fred Manget. NSLS also engaged in a care-package drive for soldiers deploying from Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Mercer Tax Law Society

The Mercer Tax Law Society is dedicated to students interested or potentially interested in the area of tax law. We bring students together and provide them with information about practicing in tax-related areas.The Mercer Tax Law Society also acts as a student resource on tax law courses and professors at Mercer Law. Our organization is open to law students of all levels. 

Older Wiser Law Students

Older, Wiser Law Students (OWLS) is an organization providing a support system for non-traditional law students, particularly those who are married, are geographically separated from their families, or have taken time to pursue a career before entering law school. OWLS assists members in framing and highlighting previous careers and life experiences when searching for employment, and organizes a variety of social events, often including the entire family. The organization also provides peer advice in preparing for exams, as well as balancing the demands of law school with family.

Phi Alpha Delta

Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) is among the largest and most active organization on campus. PAD is a professional law fraternity advancing integrity, compassion and courage through service to the student, the school, the profession and the community. PAD strives to further this community by providing a professional, academic, and social venue for students to interact and further their education together. Our on campus activities range from the Mercer Law Talent Show to Time Management Seminars, Exam Prep Seminars, and Karaoke Nights. Membership is open to any law student who supports the goals of the organization and is not a member of any other legal fraternity. Membership in PAD extends beyond law school and creates commonalities among PAD alumni all over the country. As the largest legal fraternity, our alumni network is extensive and gives students an opportunity to share a common activity with potential employers and mentors. Bound together by tradition and our common interest in the law, we share these core values: Integrity, Compassion, Courage, Professionalism, Service, Diversity, and Innovation.

Phi Delta Phi

Project Equality

Project Equality is Mercer Law's student organization addressing legal issues affecting the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community. Project Equality is open to all law students, regardless of sexual orientation, and strives to create a free and unbiased discussion on such topics as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the HIV/AIDS crisis, and other major issues of interest to its members. Project Equality performs a number of service activities throughout the year both individually and in conjunction with other Mercer Law student organizations, as well as with the National LGBT Bar Association and the Stonewall Bar Association of Georgia.

Real Estate Law Society

The Mercer University School of Law Real Estate Law Society is focused on and dedicated to educating members about real estate and real property. RELS seeks to educate members about the way in which the law commercial real estate, which deals with development, transactions, acquisitions, financing, and negotiation of commercial real estate contracts. RELS also seeks to educate members on residential real estate and to help members develop an understanding of real estate, including how property and contract courses can improve their ability to navigate the real estate market. 

Second Amendment Society

The mission of the Second Amendment Society (SAS) is to preserve the Second Amendment and raise awareness at Mercer Law about issues related to the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. SAS has numerous events including range days, self-defense and gun safety classes, member only shooting events and an annual charity skeet shoot.

South Asian Law Student Association

Sports & Entertainment Law Society 

Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association (SBA), consisting of every member of the student body, is the student government and umbrella organization for all student organizations at Mercer Law. The SBA Board of Governors serves as the primary avenue of communication between law students, law school student organizations, Mercer's administration, the Macon Bar, the State Bar of Georgia, and the American Bar Association. The SBA Board of Governors consists of class representatives and appointed students who serve on student and faculty law school committees and who sponsor social activities, speakers, and community service events.

Technology & Intellectual Property Society