Academic Success Services and Resources

The Peer and Group Mentor Program

Peer Mentor Program 

The Peer Mentor Program provides tutoring and academic advice. All students are eligible to participate.  Students in the program are matched with upper-level students who have excelled academically.  For more information about participating in this program, contact the Associate Director of Academic Success, Professor Anne G. Johnson or complete the form below.


Group Mentor Program

The Group Mentor Program is designed to offer group academic tutoring sessions for specific required courses. Group Mentors are 2L or 3L students who have excelled in a particular course and have been hand selected by a faculty member to hold regularly scheduled Group Mentor Sessions to answer questions, review material as needed, offer advice on outlining, and describe how to best use practice problems and study aids to prepare for mid-terms and exams. 

Group Mentor sessions are available for the following courses: 

Civil Lawsuits, Contracts I and II, Criminal Law, Introduction to Legal Research, Jurisdictions and Judgments, Legal Writing I and II, Property Law, Torts I, Evidence, and some sections of Statutory Law and Constitutional Law. A list of the current Group Mentors is posted on the Academic Success Resource Center on Canvas.

The schedule of Group Mentor Sessions is posted on the Academic Success website. When needed, Zoom links for Group Mentor Sessions are provided in class by the faculty member and Group Mentor.

For more information about the Peer and Group Mentor Programs, contact the Associate Director of Academic Success, Professor Anne G. Johnson at 478-301-5030 or

One-on-One Counseling

One-on-One academic counseling is available with a member of the Academic Success Team throughout the year for all law students.


Workshops and seminars are offered throughout the year for all law students, aimed at enhancing the skills needed to succeed in law school and on the bar exam. Workshops are scheduled throughout the year and at student request.

A list of upcoming workshops can be found online


Legal Process

Legal Process is a required 1 credit-hour course for all 1L students.  This course covers the formulation of a rule of law from one or more legal authorities, placing the rule in a rule-structure, analyzing the application of that rule to a set of facts and organizing a written legal discussion of that analysis. This course also introduces exam writing techniques, exam preparation, time management, and study skills.

Bar Preparation

Bar Preparation is a 3 credit-hour course for 3L students.  The course focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to pass the multistate multiple-choice exam (MBE) and essay exams. This course is intended to supplement and not replace the commercial review courses.

Enhanced Academic Success Program 

Beyond the Academic Success offerings for all law students, extra support is available for students with additional academic needs.  For additional information about the Enhanced Academic Success Program, consult the checklist below. 


Academic Success Resource Center

Each class has access to an Academic Success Resource Center on Canvas. Visit this resource center to find helpful information throughout your tenure at Mercer Law.

Mercer Law Academic Success Facebook Group

The Mercer Law Academic Success Facebook Group is open to all students, faculty and staff of Mercer Law School.  This forum is used to post reminders about events, resources and assorted tips. To join this group, send a request by clicking the link above.

Study Schedules
Blank Weekly Study Schedule

1L Recommended Reading 

The following resources are recommended for use before and during the first year of law school. These resources share strategies for class preparation, studying, and exam taking. Each of the following resources is available on the law library website. Login information is provided during Orientation.