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Research Links

The following are research databases provided through Mercer Law Library subscription. Access on and off-campus is freely available to Mercer law faculty and students. Remote Access: You may be prompted to enter your Mercer student ID number to access a database off-campus. Example: your name goes in the first box, and the second box is for the 8 digit student ID number found on the front of your BearCard. For the research databases that require a unique password for off-campus use, click here.


A to Z e-Journals - Law Library
Mercer Law Library's A to Z eJournals provides access to online law reviews and journals in collections to which the library subscribes.


A to Z e-Journals - Mercer University Libraries
Mercer University's A to Z eJournals provides access to inter-disciplinary journals in collections to which Tarver Library, Swilley Library, and the Regional Academic Centers Library subscribes.  


Bloomberg Law
Bloomberg Law provides access to U.S. federal & state primary law, docket materials, directories, news, proprietary research reports, some foreign law materials, SEC filings, and an amazing set of model forms and contracts, among other resources. The Bloomberg Law Help Center (once signed in, click the Help link in the upper right corner) offers a number of useful guides and other materials and services. 

Bloomberg BNA Premier 
Bloomberg BNA (Bureau of National Affairs) provides topical newsletters that summarize recent case law and other developments in a variety of practice areas of law. Bloomberg BNA also publishes United States Law Week, which reports on the activities of the Supreme Court, and includes lower court decisions expected to have a broad and significant impact on the law, and other noteworthy legal news items. Mercer law faculty and students may obtain a password for off-campus use by clicking here.


CALI Lessons
Includes over 1,000 free, law professor authored legal tutorials online. To access CALI for the first time, you must register using Mercer's authorization code (please contact a reference librarian) and create your own password. Go to www.cali.org, and register to create your own password. Once registered, enter your email and your password and click on "Login."

Chronicle of Higher Education - The University Library subscribes to a site license for the Chronicle of Higher Education.  This gives us access to all Chronicle content online, including premium content.  Remote access is also now available. For law faculty and students, consult a law librarian for instructions on how to gain remote accesss.  


In January 1995, the Library of Congress launched the website THOMAS (now called Congress.gov) to make federal legislative information freely available to the public. It includes:

•Bills, Resolutions

•Activity in Congress

•Congressional Record

•Schedules, Calendars

•Committee Information

•Presidential Nominations


•Government Resources

CQ Weekly
Accessible via Lexis Academic. Congressional Quarterly (CQ) News is available to law faculty and law students via the law school subscription to Lexis Advance. 

CQ Researcher Online
CQ Researcher Online provides in-depth and up-to-date coverage of today's most important and controversial topics, including social, economic, political and environmental issues.


Congressional Research Reports
An online archive provided by the University of North Texas Libraries of many searchable, full-text CRS reports that have been available on a variety of different websites since 1990. Includes subject access. In addition, the Federation of American Scientists provides reports on its website. 


Consumer Law Manuals: Companion Web Sites
Restricted to law school faculty and students, this site details state legislation and case law in all 50 states, with analysis of federal laws, regulations, cases, agency interpretations, and letters, on the most critical consumer issues (such as foreclosures, student loans, predatory lending, debt collection, lemon laws, and immigrants' consumer rights). Includes sample pleadings and pretrial court documents.


Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP)
The CILP database provides topical access to the most recent issues of over 500 current legal publications. Citations are grouped by legal subject or by journal tables of contents, and includes links to the full-text on LexisNexis, Westlaw and HeinOnline. The latest issue of CILP is available every Friday, and is 4-6 weeks earlier than other commercial legal periodical indexes.


Daily Report
Current reports plus an archive back to January 2002. 


Fastcase is the online legal research provider for members of the State Bar of Georgia. Mercer law faculty and students have permission to access Fastcase.


The U.S. Government Printing Office’s Federal Digital System (FDsys) disseminates official information from all three branches of the Federal Government. 


Federal and State Research
Mercer law library's comprehensive guide on conducting effective federal and state legal research includes locating primary materials from the three branches of government at the federal and state levels.


Galileo provides access to hundreds of academically-oriented databases. Mercer law faculty and students may obtain a password for off-campus access by clicking here.  


Georgia Research

Mercer law library's comprehensive guide on conducting effective Georgia research includes the Georgia constitution, legislation, case law, regulations, city and county websites, libraries, Georgia newspapers, and more.


HeinOnline provides digitized images of full text law reviews and legal journals (over 1,000 thus far), with an emphasis on pre-1980 materials not available elsewhere online. Coverage also includes digitized images of the following:

Law Journal Library

•American Bar Association Journals

•Core U.S. Journals

•Criminal Justice Journals

•International & Non-U.S. Law Journals

•Intellectual Property Law Journal Library

•Most-Cited Law Journals

American Association of Law Libraries (AALL)
Association of American Law Schools (AALS)
American Indian Law
American Law Institute Library
Code of Federal Regulations
English Reports, Full Reprint (1220-1867)
European Center for Minority Issues
Federal Register Library
Foreign & International Law Resources Database
Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS)
Intellectual Property Law Collection
Law Librarian's Reference Library 
Legal Classics
Manual of Patent Examining Procedure
National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws
National Moot Court Competition
Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law publications
Pentagon Papers
Philip C. Jessup Library
Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law
Session Laws Library
State Attorney General Reports and Opinions
Subject Compilations of State Laws (1960-2010)
Tax Foundation Archive Publications
Taxation & Economic Reform in America Parts I & II, 1781-2010
Treaties and Agreements Library
Trends in Law Library Management and Technology
United States Code
U.S. Attorney General and Department of Justice Collection
U.S. Congressional Documents
U.S. Department of the Interior 
U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals
U.S. Federal Legislative History Library
U.S. Presidential Library
U.S. Statutes at Large
U.S. Supreme Court Library
U.S. Treaties and Agreements Library

Women and the Law (Peggy)
World Constitutions Illustrated
World Trials Library


HeinOnline continues to expand. If a Mercer student is accessing HeinOnline remotely, the student must enter his/her last name, first name, and the 8 digit student ID number on the front of the Bearcard.


Index to Legal Periodicals 
Indexes articles from over 1,000 legal periodicals published in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Annual surveys of the laws of a jurisdiction, annual surveys of the federal courts, yearbooks, annual institutes, and annual reviews of the work in a given field or on a given topic are also covered. Coverage dates: Indexing 1908+, Abstracting 1990+, select Full Text 1995+


Issues in Legal Scholarship 
Provides a forum for discusson of seminal articles and important issues in legal scholarship, available through Berkeley Electronic Press.


JSTOR provides back files for most journals, but starting in January 2011, more than 174 journals will contain current issues. Mercer University subscribes to The Arts & Sciences I, II and III, and also Health & General Sciences. JSTOR's agreement with publishers include an updating provision referred to as a "moving wall," which is a fixed period of time ranging from 3 to 5 years (but publishers may elect walls anywhere from zero to 10 years), that defines the gap between the most recently published issue of any journal. A complete list of collections with coverage information is available here.  Also, you can view a video on how to use JSTOR. 


Law Library of Congress
The Law Library of Congress includes a wealth of primary materials, both international and domestic, including:

•Global & Comparative Law Resources - Global Legal Information Catalog; Sources that reprint the laws & regulations of international jurisdictions on specific legal topics; Global Legal Information Network, an international legal database with official full texts of published documents in the original languages (video introduction). 

•Guide to Law Online - Online sources of legal information on government & law by U.S. state, country, or region. 

•Legal Blawgs - Web archive of more than 100 blawgs.

•Legislative Resources - THOMAS, Legislative information from the Library of Congress; Full-text access to selected historical Congressional committee hearings on a variety of topics; A Century of Lawmaking, a collection of U.S. Congressional documents & debates (1774-1875), including laws, journals, & letters of the Founding Fathers.

Law Review Commons
The Law Review Commons brings together a growing collection of law reviews and legal journals in an easily browsable and searchable format. It contains both current issues and archival content spanning over 100 years. All Law Review Commons publications are made freely available online through their institutions’ bepress Digital Commons repositories. The Commons includes many of the leading U.S. law reviews—such as the California Law Review and the Duke Law Journal.


Legal Scholarship Network
Legal Scholarship Network (LSN) is a division of the Social Science Research Network. LSN publishes electronic journals consisting of working and accepted papers, author contact information, and conference announcements.


Lexis / Lexis Advance
Comprehensive online legal research system for law faculty and law students.


LexisNexis Academic 
This is a shorter online version of LexisNexis, and is used primarily for the public. On law school campus only.


LLMC Digital
LLMC Digital is a collection of digitized images of full-text historical and current materials from the U.S. federal and state legislative, executive and judicial branches as well as Canadian materials. It consists primarily of legal materials, and includes publications such as the U.S. Statutes at Large, Civil Rights Commission Reports, and U.S. Supreme Court Reports. LLMC also includes specialized collections such as Canon Law, Roman Law, British Empire Studies, Native American Law, and an extensive collection of military law materials.


Oxford English Dictionary -  The Oxford English Dictionary is the accepted authority on the evolution of the English language since 1150. OED is an historical dictionary, and its entry structure is very different from that of a dictionary of current English. In dictionaries of current English, in which only present day definitions are covered, the most common meanings are described first. For each word in the OED, both online and in print, the various groupings of meanings are dealt with in chronological order according to the quotation evidence. Thus, it traces the usage of words through quotations from a wide range of international English language sources, from classic literature and specialist periodicals to film scripts and cookery books. Search tip: When you have the entry for a word, at the top of the page there are buttons for pronunciation, spellings, etymology, quotations and date charts.


PACER provides access to case and docket information for Federal Appellate, District and Bankruptcy courts. Password protected. Note: Bloomberg Law contains Docket information and Litigation Analysis and using Bloomberg Law is the preferred method for our law faculty and students to search for dockets. Also password protected.


Project Muse
Collection of over 300 peer reviewed journals in the social sciences and humanities.

ProQuest Congressional
Click on the above link for access within the law school building. Click here for remote access. Contains legislative history documents. Coverage is limited for certain documents. Check for coverage dates. 


RIA Checkpoint: Full text tax and accounting materials, and includes the complete federal tax code, regulations, committee reports, and rulings. Also contains the Federal Tax Coordinator, U.S. Tax Reporter, Federal Tax Handbook, a news/current awareness sections, as well as state tax cases, rulings, and legislation.  

http://checkpoint.riag.com/login?iploc=Mercer - Law School Building - if you are on the law school campus, click on this link. Remote Access - Law faculty and students, please consult a law librarian for remote access. 8/2017


Science Direct
ScienceDirect is one of the largest online collections of published scientific research in the world. It is operated by the publisher Elsevier Science and provides access to the current twelve months of full text articles from approximately 200 journals in science and medicine, with some coverage of social sciences and humanities (particularly management, economics, psychology, and linguistics).  It also includes the International Journal of the Sociology of Law.  The issues are available on a rolling basis, so when the March 2012 issue is posted, the March 2011 issue is removed


SpringerLink provides access to the full text of journals from Springer-Vertag and associated publishers. SpringerLink includes journals covering life sciences, chemical sciences, geosciences, computer science, mathematics, medicine, physics and astronomy, environmental sciences, law, and economics.


Theoretical Inquiries in Law
Specializes in the application to legal problems of insights developed in other disciplines, such as moral and political theory, cognitive psychology, epistemology, economics, and probability theory. Available through Berkeley Electronic Press


United Nations Treaty Collection
A collection of treaties and international agreements registered or filed and recorded with and published by the Secretariat since 1946. Includes the texts of treaties in their authentic language(s), along with translations into English and French, as appropriate.

West Study Aids
This collection provides online access to hundreds of supplemental study resources to help students succeed in law school including the following series: Intro to Law School Series; Academic Success series (including titles like How to Write Law School Exams: IRAC Perfected); Hornbooks/Treatises (Concise Hornbook Series and Concepts and Insights Series); Law Stories Series; Nutshells; and Exam Prep materials like Flash Cards, Acing Series; and Career Guides.  Our collection also includes access to audio lectures like the Sum and Substance Audio Series.

If accessing the online study aids from the West Academic subscription in the law school building, you can continue to use the link above. If you want to be able to access them from off-campus or from other parts of campus, create a West Academic account while in the law school building. Note: you must be in the law school building to create the account before you can use the study aids remotely. To create an account, click the Create an Account link at the top right corner of the West Study Aids home page.  Use your Mercer Law email as the email address. Once you have created an account, you can sign in and be able to access all the study aids while outside the law school building. We encourage you to create an account because not only will you gain remote access, but you can highlight and take notes as well. 

Web of Science
Provides detailed citations and abstracts for the top scholarly periodicals in the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Includes the Science Citation Index, the Social Sciences Citation Index, and the Arts & Humanities Citation Index. Covers both domestic and international journals, open access resources, books, patents, proceedings, and Web sites.


Comprehensive online legal research system for law faculty and law students.


Wiley Online Library  
Considered a premier source for study, teaching, and advanced research, this database offers scholarly materials from a wide range of science in full text format from 1997 to the present. Collections also include Law and Criminology (American Business Journal, Behavioral Sciences and the Law, Criminal Behavior and Mental Health, and much more). An open padlock icon represents titles within Mercer University's subscription.


WorldCat is a catalog of books and other materials in libraries worldwide. WorldCat is part of the database offerings in GALILEO, Georgia's Virtual Libraries. Use to determine other libraries that own a resource and for initiating an interlibrary loan request.

Page compiled and annotated by Denise Gibson, Assistant Law Librarian for Research
Updated 8/2017