Current Students

The Career Services Office is committed to providing the needed information, counseling, and skills training to prepare students for all career options, including summer clerkships, externships, judicial clerkships, and permanent positions. The Career Services Office offers individualized counseling to every student.  Your career is personal to you, and we are here to assist you in determining your goals and achieving them.

Counselors are assigned based upon your first year section number. You can schedule an appointment via BearBoard, in-person at the Career Services Office, Room 103, or email your assigned career counselor.  We also offer flexible walk-in hours.  Individual counseling for 1Ls becomes available on October 15 each year.

Your Career Development Process


Are you unsure what practice area is a good fit for you?  Do you need to learn more about your natural strengths and abilities?  The first step for you in the career development process is to understand yourself and determine your interests.  Ask the Career Services Office for a link to The Right Profile Attorney Assessment to discover your distinctive qualities and the practice areas that may be the best fit for you.

Professional Development

Employment Opportunities

Experiential Education

For more information about fall/spring/summer externships and clinics click here.

Bar Exam

Some states require law students to register for the bar exam during the first few months of law school. Others have no registration requirement until the third year.  For more information about taking the bar exam in Georgia and other states, please see the Resource Library in BearBoard.


If you are seeking employment outside the state of Georgia, we may be able to connect you with a law school in the relevant state to access their job postings under a reciprocity agreement.  Talk with your career counselor to request such an arrangement.