Professional Development

As a 1L, you will participate in our professional development series designed to equip you with the fundamentals needed to begin your career development process.  Upon completing the series and other criteria, you will earn a Professional Development CertificateThroughout all 3 years, programs are available to expose you to various practice areas and to develop the skills needed to not only be successful in your job search but in your career in general.  You will be provided with Career Development Handbooks that will serve as a reference guide for your professional development. 


Your 1L Career Development Handbook provides a foundation for your professional development and incorporates resources and examples that will help you navigate your first year of law school and obtaining your first summer job.


Your 2L Career Development Handbook provides ongoing guidance and additional resources for your second year of law school. This resource will help you transition your materials and provide additional guidance on turning your summer experiences into post-grad offers.


Your 3L Career Development Handbook provides a permanent reference guide for your professional development and legal career. This resource contains information on accepting job offers and finding success in building your long term career path.

A digital copy of all of our handbooks can be found under the Resource Library in BearBoard.