1L Students

As per NALP guidelines (The National Association for Law Placement), 1L counseling begins October 15th of your first year.  

The Career Services Office is committed to providing individualized counseling to every student.  

Our staff is committed to providing needed information, counseling, and skills training to prepare students for all career options, including summer externships and clerkships as well as permanent positions and judicial clerkships.  

Counselors are assigned based upon your first year section number. To set up an appointment, come by the Career Services Office, Room 103, or email your assigned career counselor.  We are also willing to see you on a walk-in basis if we are available.

Your Role in the Job Search Process

  1. Determine your career interests by performing a self-assessment of your talents and preferences, attending programs and lectures designed to provide you with information on various career options, and interviewing professionals working in your desired field;
  2. Develop job searching skills through participating in skill development workshops and seeking additional individual assistance as needed;
  3. Take responsibility for your job search by diligently and consistently seeking employment;
  4. Establish and maintain a network of professional relationships, which will not only serve your goals of obtaining employment, but that will also assist you in building your career beyond your first job;
  5. Interact with each employer or potential employer professionally, respecting their needs and limited time;
  6. Help the Career Services Office help you and your colleagues by keeping us informed of your job search goals and needs and your current employment status.