Third Year Required Courses

Fall Semester

Introduction to Dispute Resolution LAW 300 1 Hours
This one-week workshop explores the many alternative ways of resolving disputes, particularly negotiation. S/U (Pass/Fail)

Fall & Spring Semester

Law of Lawyering LAW 302 3 Hours
Law of Lawyering is primarily concerned with the ethical and legal regulation of the legal profession covering such topics as conflicts of interests, confidentiality, attorney-client privilege, malpractice, lawyer-client decision-making, and other similar issues. The various rules studied are the rules most frequently encountered by all practitioners. In addition to studying ethical and legal regulation, this course also addresses the ethics of our practice more generally and, most especially, the question of what we mean when we say that someone is a good lawyer. This course is required by the Law School, by the Georgia Supreme Court, and by the American Bar Association.

LAW 542  3 Hours

A survey of remedies available through the avenues of equity, restitution, and damages. Emphasis is accorded to the relationships among these areas, and to the difficulties involved in applying "established" rules to actual situations. Seniors only.