Second Year Required Courses

Fall Semester

American Constitutional System LAW 150 4 Hours
This course focuses on significant cases interpreting the Constitution of the United States. The course examines the way in which the Constitution has been interpreted to distribute the power of decisionmaking in our governmental system among the branches of our federal government, the state governments, and individuals.

Introduction to Counseling LAW 200 1 Hours
This one-week workshop focuses on how lawyers interview, counsel and otherwise assist clients to identify and solve problems. Pass/fail grade is based upon full attendance, participation and completion of simulations. S/U (Pass/Fail)

Legal Writing II LAW 207 3 Hours
Legal Writing II continues coverage of research strategy, forms of legal reasoning, and professionalism, but now in the context of a new form of discourse--persuasion. Course requirements include completion of at least two major persuasive writing assignments.  Pre-requisite Legal Writing I.

Fall & Spring Semester

Evidence LAW 206 3 Hours
This is a problems-based course designed to teach basic trial evidence using the Federal Rules of Evidence. The primary topics are relevance; opinion evidence; expert testimony; relevant, but inadmissible evidence; introducing real and documentary evidence, character evidence, impeachment, and hearsay.

Statutory Law and Analysis LAW 154 2 Hours
This course will cover the fundamental skills involved in reading, understanding, and applying statutory language to the resolution of a legal issue. The students will learn about methods of statutory interpretation and will be required to apply these skills throughout the semester to various hypothetical fact scenarios. The course will cover the parts of a statute, the interrelationship between statutes and other sources of law, and the methods of reading and interpreting statutes.