Business Certificates

Students in good standing in the School of Law may choose to take up to three 600-level graduate courses in the Stetson-Hatcher School of Business without applying for admission to the MBA Program. Two specific combinations of courses can be taken for either a Certificate in Practice Management or a Certificate in Corporate Finance.

Students who receive one of these certificates will have their law school graduation requirements reduced by nine credits. Students must complete all courses required for a certificate; otherwise, the Law School graduation requirements will not be reduced. To enroll in a certificate program, students must receive approval from the Law School Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Upon approval, the student should contact the Registrar’s Office at 478-301-2620.

For more information regarding the Business Certificates, please contact the Law School Admissions Office at 478-301-2605 or the School of Business at 478-301-2835.

Certificate in Practice Management (nine credit hours):

Any three of the following three-credit-hours courses:

  • BUS 606 Decision Making and Decision Analytics (Note: This course requires prior completion of statistics pre-requisite)
  • BUS 611 Supply Chain and Logistics Management (Note: This course requires prior completion of statistics pre-requisite)
  • BUS 613 Ethical Leadership 
  • BUS 603 Accounting for Managers (Note:  This course requires prior completion of accounting pre-requisite) 
  • BUS 605 Marketing Decision Making
  • BUS 602 Human Capital Management

Certificate in Corporate Finance (nine credit hours):

Note: Enrollment in each three-credit hours course  below requires prior completion of accounting and finance pre-requisites.

  • BUS 602 Accounting for Managers
  • BUS 609 Financial Decision Making
  • BUS 6XX: One additional BUS 600-level Accounting or Finance course approved by the associate dean for graduate studies or the director of MBA programs in Macon.