Habeas Project

In the Habeas Project, Mercer Law students are able to work closely with a faculty supervisor on pro se cases pending before the Georgia Supreme Court.

Since 2006, the Project has handled dozens of cases in which the client is financially unable to retain counsel.In the clinic, Brian Kammer supervises students and mentors in all aspects of representation: client visits, case planning, brief drafting, and preparing for oral argument. Students begin to integrate the understanding of larger constitutional criminal law concepts with rules of evidence; appellate/ post conviction rules and procedures; and legal writing and client counseling techniques. Qualified students may sign their clients' briefs, and have had remarkable success in a number of appellate and post-conviction cases. 

*Enrollment is by application, and while 2Ls may apply, strong preference is given to 3L applicants (and the requirements it fulfills primarily apply to 3L students).  The clinic is a 2-semester, 4-hour graded course and it fulfills the advanced writing and drafting requirement (when taken after Legal Writing II), the upper-level writing (“seminar”) requirement, and is considered an Advanced Skills class.


What Students are Saying about the Habeas Project:

"The Habeas Project was the capstone experience of my education. Professor Sarah Gerwig-Moore’s clinic called upon every legal and academic skill and capability that I developed to that point and provided the opportunity to work on complicated legal arguments, to be a part of an incredible team, and, most importantly, to be an advocate.  Whether you are interested in practicing appellate work or not, criminal cases or civil, litigation or transactional law, the Habeas Project prepares you to enter the profession with the confidence and the ability to face any challenge. It’s also just a lot of fun!" - Brett Schwartz, '14