Services and Resources


The Peer Mentor Program provides tutoring and academic advice. All students are eligible to participate.  Students in the program are matched with upper-level students who have excelled academically.  For more information about participating in this program as a mentor or mentee, contact the Director of Academic Success, Margaret (Peg) E. McCann.


One-on-One academic counseling is available throughout the year for all law students.


Workshops and seminars are offered throughout the year for all law students, aimed at enhancing the legal writing and exam writing skills needed to succeed in law school and to help bridge the gap between undergraduate studies and law school work. Upper-level course and bar related workshops are scheduled throughout the year and at student request.


Legal Process

Legal Process is a required 1 credit-hour course for all 1L students.  This course covers the formulation of a rule of law from one or more legal authorities, placing the rule in a rule-structure, analyzing the application of that rule to a set of facts and organizing a written legal discussion of that analysis. This course also introduces exam writing techniques, exam preparation, time management, and study skills.

Bar Preparation

Bar Prep class is a 2 credit-hour course for 3L students.  The course focuses on the knowledge and skills that have been shown to be helpful in passing the multistate multiple-choice exam (MBE) and essay exams. The course will build on what students have learned about multistate bar subjects and test taking throughout law school. The focus will be on knowledge, skills, and attitudes that have been shown to be helpful in passing the multistate multiple choice exam (MBE) and essay exam. Included will be practice in writing bar essay exams using some of the six multistate topics, insights into how bar exam essays are graded, and practice on MBE type exams. The course is intended to supplement and not replace the commercial review courses.


Beyond the Academic Success offerings for all law students, extra support is available for students with additional academic needs. To review the requirements for admission to the Enhanced Academic Success Program, consult the appropriate checklist below: