Mercer University
Mercer Law School

Advanced Writing Requirement

The following courses will satisfy the Advanced Writing Requirement (if taken AFTER the Spring 2011 semester):

1. Any Seminar

2. Advanced Litigation Drafting

3. Business Drafting

4. Sexuality and the Law

5. The Habeas Project

6. Trusts and Estates Drafting

7. Contract Drafting

8. Elder Law

9. A Law Review Case Note or Comment

10. Summary Judgment Practice

11. Independent Research

In addition, a student may satisfy the Advanced Writing Requirement by completing an individually authored work of rigorous intellectual effort under the active and regular supervision of a full-time faculty member as part of an independent research project or in conjunction with a course that does not typically involve a writing project.  If a student plans to satisfy the Advanced Writing Requirement in this manner, the student must submit a form to the Registrar that includes the faculty member's certification that the proposed project will satisfy the Advanced Writing Requirement if successfully completed.

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