Linda Jellum

JellumAssociate Dean for Faculty Research & Development and
Ellison Capers Palmer Sr. Professor of Tax Law
(478) 301-5689

Linda Jellum is the Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development and the Ellison Capers Palmer Sr. Professor of Tax Law. She teaches Administrative Law, Tax, Civil Procedure, and Statutory Interpretation. Professor Jellum is a prolific scholar. Her numerous articles have appeared in top law journals, such as the Miami Law Review, the UCLA Law Review, and the Ohio State Law Journal. She has authored multiple books and book chapters. Professor Jellum is leader in legal education. She has served as the Deputy Executive Director for the Southeastern Association of Law Schools, the Deputy Director for the Association of American Law Schools, and the Chair of the American Bar Association Section’s on Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice. Professor Jellum received her J.D. from Cornell Law School and her undergraduate degree from Cornell University. 

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