Mercer Advocacy Council

Mercer Advocacy Council

Mercer’s School of Law has developed an oral advocacy program that is both nationally ranked and well-respected. Comprised of second- and third-year students, the Mercer Advocacy Council sponsors teams that compete in numerous national competitions each year and organizes intra-school competitions for first- and second-year law students. Students compete in various forms of oral and written advocacy, including Moot Court, Mock Trial, Client Counseling, and Negotiation.

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Moot Court

Mercer has built a legacy of excelling in Moot Court competitions throughout the nation. Every fall, Mercer Advocacy Council holds try-outs for second-year law students who wish to be on the Moot Court Board. Once selected for Moot Court, students work rigorously with faculty to hone their oral and written advocacy skills prior to their individual competitions. More than a quarter of the faculty coach moot court teams, and over a third of the faculty contribute to the moot court selection process. Considerable resources, in both money and time, are devoted to student participation in the moot court program.

Moot court is an integral part of the law school culture. Every student is required to write at least two persuasive briefs, and give two rounds of oral arguments in the legal writing classes. Additionally, the school hosts the Lawson Moot Court competition, an intra-school competition for first-year students, that is judged, in part, by practicing lawyers and judges from the community. This competition allows students to participate in oral advocacy prior to the selection process for the Moot Court Board.

The result of student dedication and an emphasis on in the Mercer legal writing curriculum is an outstanding record of competition success.

Mock Trial

Members of Mercer’s Mock Trial Board are dedicated to excelling in trial practice. Mercer Advocacy Council holds an intra-school competition every fall that serves as a try-out for Mock Trial Board. Members of Mock Trial Board compete in several competitions each year and strive to become the best advocates for their clients at the trial court level. Members work closely with faculty, local lawyers and Judges to hone and refine their skills in the Courtroom.

In addition to the fall intra-school competition, every Spring the Advocacy Council holds a Closing Argument Competition for first- and second-year law students.

Client Counseling and Negotiations

Consistent with the strong curricular focus on training students in the skills necessary for the practice of law, the Law School also holds annual competitions to select student teams to compete in regional and national competitions in Negotiations and Client Counseling. Try-outs for these teams are conducted by faculty and are open to second- and third-year law students. Mercer has a history of being highly ranked in these competitions, both on the regional and national level.

Legal Ethics Moot Court Competition

Mercer University School of Law is proud to host the first in the nation moot court competition in Legal Ethics and Professionalism, beginning in 2010.