Gift Impact

Your gift to Mercer Law can make a difference and impact areas such as:


Growing the amount of available scholarship funds will reduce the future debt of Mercer Law students, make their dreams of attending Mercer possible, and increase the Law School’s national standing. Your gift will make a difference both to the student who receives a scholarship and to the Law School.

Innovative and Excellent  Academic Programs

Mercer’s distinctive legal education provides students with the knowledge, values, and skills to adapt to the demands of a changing world and a changing legal profession. Mercer’s     programs in legal writing, legal ethics and professionalism, and experiential education have become national models that are being emulated by other law schools. Your gift supports Mercer Law’s continuing tradition of leadership in legal education by strengthening existing programs and developing new areas of distinction.

Student Activities

A legal education does not take place only in the classroom. It also happens during co-curricular activities, including law review; moot court, mock trial, negotiation, and client counseling competitions; and student activities. Your gift supports students as they learn teamwork, collaboration, and leadership while representing the Law School across the world.

Faculty and Staff Activities

In addition to being committed to teaching, the Mercer Law faculty and staff are actively engaged in research, speaking, and professional leadership activities that address the world’s problems and effect needed change. Your gift helps ensure that faculty and staff can continue this important work and allows Mercer Law to recruit and keep the most talented faculty and staff.

First Class Physical Facilities and  Up-to-Date Technology

Providing a Mercer legal education requires physical facilities and technology that support learning and reflect the values of the Mercer Law community. As legal education changes, so do the requirements of our physical space. Your gift allows Mercer Law the flexibility to respond to the changing needs of law practice and legal education.