Administration & Staff

Leslie Cadle
Director of Development

Elizabeth Carr
Assistant Dean of Career Services

Cathy Cox
Dean and Professor of Law

Tracy Jackson

Cheryll King
Director of Alumni Programs & Engagement

Susan Knight
Director of Finance & Administration

Alyssa Leffall

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Margaret (Peg) McCann
Director of Academic Success

Lauren Mauldin

Director Communications & Marketing

Lindsey Stewart
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Marilyn Sutton
Assistant Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid

Professional Librarians

Sharon Bradley

Digital  & Scholarly Resources Librarian

Denise Gibson
Assistant Law Librarian for Research Services

Ismael Gullon
Associate Law Librarian for Collections & Technical Services

John Perkins
Reference Services Librarian


Karen Allen Batts
Assistant to the Dean
478- 301-2602
Room 138

Lynn Bloodworth
Acquisitions and Serials Coordinator, Library
478- 301-2988
Room 228

Debra Boney
Senior Administrative Assistant
478- 301-2606
Room 139


Shakira Burge-Otiz
Library Assistant III
Room 213


Ethel Dennis
Acquisitions Clerk, Library
478- 301-2668
Room 228


Tre Dekle
Assistant Director of Career Services and Experiential Education
Room 106


Artavia Gilliard
Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment
478- 301-5902

Room 144B


Marsha Griffin
Registrar Specialist
478- 301-2620
Room 207


Jessica Herndon
Administrative Assistant,  Career Services
Room 103


Anne Johnson
Assistant Director Academic Success
Room 349


Cherie Jump
Administrative Secretary, Faculty
478- 301-2609
Room 339


Steve Lindsey
Assistant Registrar
Room 209


Brian Kammer

Habeas Project Director/Staff Attorney
Room 322

Evelyn Lopater
Bar Exam Specialist
Room 367

Systems Manager I
Room 350D


Justin Powers
IT/AV Support Technician
Room 350B


Julie Register
Administrative Assistant, Library
Room 211


Judith Simpson
Admissions Specialist
Room 144


Labrina Solomon
Library Assistant / Government Documents
478- 301-2982
Room 228


Cheri Sturkey
Administrative Secretary, Faculty
478- 301-2610
Room 320A


Terry Trussell
Office Manager & Financial Aid Administrative Secretary
478- 301-2147
Room 144E