Administration & Staff

Cadle Leslie Cadle
Director of Development
Carr_web Elizabeth Carr
Director of Career Services
Dean Cathy Cox Cathy Cox
Dean and Professor of Law
DellaDonna_sm Michael Della Donna
Director of Information Technology
Rampley Billie Rampley Frys
Director of Communications and Marketing
Cheryll King Cheryll King
Director of Alumni Programs & Engagement
SusanKnightSusan Knight
Director of Finance & Administration
Peg_sm Margaret (Peg) McCann
Director of Academic Success
Powell Stephanie Powell
Assistant Dean of Career Services
Leslie Street Web Leslie Street
Law Library Director and Associate Professor of Law
Sutton Marilyn Sutton
Assistant Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid
Titsahw_Scott Scott Titshaw
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Law
Jenny Wright Directory Jenny Wright
Assistant Dean of Students

Professional Librarians

Gibson Denise Gibson
Assistant Law Librarian for Research Services
Gullon Ismael Gullon
Associate Law Librarian for Collections & Technical Services
Perkins John Perkins
Reference Services Librarian
Reference Services Librarian


Karen Allen Batts
Assistant to the Dean
478- 301-2602
Room 138

Lynn Bloodworth
Acquisitions and Serials Coordinator, Library
478- 301-2988
Room 228

Debra Boney
Senior Administrative Assistant
478- 301-2606
Room 139


Shakira Burge-Otiz
Library Assistant III
Room 213


Ethel Dennis
Acquisitions Clerk, Library
478- 301-2668
Room 228


Tre Dekle
Assistant Director of Career Services and Experiential Education
Room 106


Artavia Gilliard
Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment
478- 301-5902

Room 144B


Marsha Griffin
Registrar Specialist
478- 301-2620
Room 207


Jessica Herndon
Administrative Assistant,  Career Services
Room 103


Anne Johnson

Assistant Director Academic Success


Room 349


Cherie Jump
Administrative Secretary, Faculty
478- 301-2609
Room 339


Steve Lindsey
Assistant Registrar
Room 209


Evelyn Lopater
Bar Exam Specialist
Room 367


Christopher Osier
Systems Manager I
Room 350D


Justin Powers
IT/AV Support Technician
Room 350D


Julie Register
Administrative Assistant, Library

Room 211


Natalie Sundeen
CLE Coordinator
Room 364


Yonna Shaw
Publishing Coordinator, Law Review
478- 301-2622
Room 135


Judith Simpson
Admissions Specialist

Room 144


Labrina Solomon
Library Assistant / Government Documents
478- 301-2982
Room 228


Lindsey Stewart
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
Room 144C


Cheri Sturkey
Administrative Secretary, Faculty
478- 301-2610
Room 320A


Terry Trussell
Office Manager & Financial Aid Administrative Secretary
478- 301-2147
Room 144E