Financial Aid

More than 97 percent of Mercer Law students receive some amount of financial assistance. We make every effort to assist students with obtaining the aid they need to attend law school. The aid may be in the form of merit scholarships, Direct Stafford loans, Direct Graduate PLUS loans, alternative private loans, work-study assignments, vocational-rehabilitation benefits, and other programs.

Information on Sources of Financial Aid

For information on the types of financial aid available, eligibility for financial aid, student loans, federal work-study and student loan repayment, please see the Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Financial Aid.


Mercer Law School offers merit scholarships each year to applicants whose academic records, LSAT scores, and personal achievements demonstrate the potential for outstanding performance in the study of law. The Law School also makes some scholarship awards for the final two years of law school to students who excel academically in their first year and who received little or no award when they entered. Mercer Law does not award scholarships that are conditional on law school academic performance other than remaining in good academic standing. In order to remain in good academic standing, all students beginning with the entering class of 2017, must have a 78 average or above at the end of each academic year.  We also encourage students to seek and apply for outside scholarships and awards. Opportunities for scholarships and awards from sources other than Mercer are posted here: Outside Scholarships and Writing Opportunities.

Applying for Financial Aid

To apply for federal student loans and/or federal work study, you must complete the following two items. The deadline for priority consideration is April 1.

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at Mercer’s school code is 001580.
  • Complete the Mercer Application for Financial Aid by clicking here. (Available only for accepted applicants and current students).

Important Financial Aid Websites

  • To obtain a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to complete the FAFSA and access student loan account information, see
  • To determine your loan servicer, review all federal student loans or to complete exit counseling, see the National Student Loan Database System at

For Alumni

  • Public Interest Loan Forgiveness—For a good resource on loan forgiveness for public interest work, see
  • Decreasing your loan payments: If you need options or assistance with student loan repayment, see Please sign into your account and search for Lower My Repayment Amount. Here, you will find information on income driven repayment options, loan payment deferments, and forbearances options for all Direct Loans regardless of servicer. If you would like further assistance, please contact Brandi Russell, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid.
  • Income Based Repayment Plan-- For information on the new income based repayment plan, including a payment calculator, see


Brandi A. Russell
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
(478) 301-5001

Terry Trussell
Office Specialist for Admissions/Financial Aid
(478) 301-2147