Jessup Moot Court Program

Mercer law students can apply to participate in the world’s largest and most well known moot court competition.  Students who are selected to participate as a member of the Jessup International Moot Court Team become members of the Mercer Advocacy Council, and represent Mercer in the Regional Jessup Tournament.  

Guide to Participating in Jessup at Mercer Law

Students who wish to participate in Jessup must complete (or be concurrently enrolled in) Public International Law. Interested students will be invited to try out for the Jessup team in the spring semester (usually in April), to compete the following year.  More information about the Jessup International Moot Court Team can be obtained from faculty coach, Professor Scott Titshaw.

Mercer Teams at Jessup

2014-2015 Mercer Jessup Team

Franklin Miller (3L); Elizabeth Phrampus (3L); Tomisha Stanford (2L); and Nyonnohweah Seekie (2L)

2013-2014 Mercer Jessup Team

Jennifer Findley (3L); Matt Hurst (3L); Peter Rehm (3L); Elizabeth Phrampus (2L); and Natelie Schiess (2L)

2012-2013 Mercer Jessup Team

Steven Shields (3L); Minerva Steele (3L); Jennifer Findley (3L); and Matt Hurst (2L)

2010-2011 Mercer Jessup Team

Alexandra Landis (3L); Carolina Mechca (3L); Jon Simpson (3L); and Josanne Wright (3L); 


Sixth Best Memorial – South Regional Tournament 2015
Fourth Best Oralist – South Regional Tournament 2014 - Matthew Hurst  
Eighth Best Oralist – South Regional Tournament 2014 – Elizabeth Phrampus
Quarterfinalist – South Regional Tournament 2013
Ninth Best Oralist – South & West Superregional Tournament 2011 – Jon Simpson