Self-Assessment & Career Paths

It is crucial during your 2L year that you take the time to consider the type of law you would like to practice and seek opportunities to gain related experience.  Also, you should also consider whether your goals have changed since your 1L year and whether you have developed interests in new areas of law.

If you didn’t conduct a self-assessment during your 1L year, your 2L year is a great time to conduct one.  The self-assessment is designed to help you make the decisions necessary to have a successful and efficient job search.  Once you establish your career goals, you will need to be organized, flexible, and patient about achieving them. You can pave the way to a rewarding and fulfilling career by spending time on your career planning while in law school.  

During your self-assessment, you will determine three basic things:

  1. Who am I? (What are my interests, skills, & values?)
  2. What are my priorities? (What do I want out of my educational experience? What do I want out of my career? What do I want out of my life?) and
  3. What am I willing to sacrifice to achieve these goals?

The four key questions to ask yourself as you decide what opportunities to pursue are: 

  1. Why did I come to law school?
  2. What potential practice areas do I want to pursue?
  3. What geographical locations am I interested in?
  4. What type of employer do I want to work for?

Self-Assessment Tests  

Career Paths

Once you complete your self-assessment, you should begin to determine what kind of setting you want to begin your career in. Contact your career counselor for resources to assist you in determining your career path.