News Reported in December 2012 and January 2013

Walter F. George School of Law 
 Stephen Johnson spoke at the Conservation, Restoration and Sustainability Conference at Brigham Young University on Nov. 9. The topic for his presentation was “Is Religion the Environment’s Last Best Hope?”

Professor Mark L. Jones published an article, titled “Perspectives On (and In) Legal Education” in the fall 2012 issue of the Mercer Lawyer. He was also a panelist at the Concerned Philosophers for Peace Annual Conference held at Mercer in October. The conference addressed the theme “Struggles for Recognition: Individuals, Peoples, and States” and was co-sponsored by the Carnegie Council. Jones spoke on the topic “Go Ahead; Make My Day, Punk: Towards Peace Through ‘Spiritual Justice’ – An Imaginary Conversation with Clint Eastwood.”

Professor of Law and Philosophy David Ritchie hosted the annual Concerned Philosophers for Peace Conference at Mercer on Oct. 25-26. He also attended the second annual Global Ethics Fellows Conference at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs in New York from Nov. 7-11. While at the conference, Dr. Ritchie gave a talk, titled “Responsibility in Developing a Global Ethic.” He participated in two programs in Brazil in early December. The first was a symposium devoted to the urban pacification policies of the state government of Rio de Janeiro. During the symposium Dr. Ritchie delivered a talk titled “A Meditation on State Violence.” The participants in the symposium, including U.S. Consul General John Creamer and Dr. Eric Spears, director of international programs and study abroad, toured the Santa Marta favela as part of the program. Dr. Ritchie also delivered a talk, titled “Outside – Inside,” as part of a related colloquium on law and cinema held at the Federal Judicial Cultural Center in Rio de Janeiro. Both talks will be printed in a book to be published in Brazil. Dr. Ritchie was one of the organizers of both events, which were supported (in part) by The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs—where Ritchie is a Global Ethics Fellow—and by Mercer University.

Griffin B. Bell Professor of Law Jack L. Sammons will have his most recent paper, “The Impossible Prayers of James Boyd White,” appear in The Legal Imagination: The Future and the First Forty Years published by the University of Michigan Press. It will be presented at Birkback College in London in March at the annual meeting of the Association for the Study of Law Culture and Humanities. Sammons will also be part of a panel discussing the work of James Boyd White.

Associate Professor Karen J. Sneddon presented “It’s About Time: Assessing Transactional Skills in Thirty Minutes or Less” at the Third Biennial Conference on Teaching Transactional Law and Skills at Emory Law School in Atlanta on Nov. 3 with Susan Chesler.

Associate Professor Scott Titshaw will make a presentation, titled, “Shifting Immigration Options for Same-Sex Couples & Their Children, American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)” at the Georgia-Alabama Chapter Conference in Atlanta in February. He also presented on “LGBT Immigration Issues” at the National LGBT Bar Association lecture series in January and “Why Yes, This is My Spouse—Same-Sex Partners & Significant Others” at the AILA National Audio Seminar in January. He also published his work, titled “Why Yes, This is My Spouse – Same-Sex Partners & Significant Others,” (co-authored), in American Immigration Lawyers Association in conjunction with a January audio seminar. His work, “The Reactionary Road to Free Love: How DOMA, State Marriage Amendments and Social Conservatives are Destroying Traditional Marriage,” was published as well in 115 West Virginia Law Review 205 (2012).

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