Law Students Visit the Legislature

On Wednesday, February 16th, Professor Linda Jellum and students John Buckner, Janene Browder, David Cheng, Daniel Cole, Ron Daniels, Hal Higgins, Bert Hummel, Cam Kirbo, James Kurhajian, Collier McKenzie, Justin Purvis, Natalie Stroud, and Latoya Williams visited the Georgia State Legislature. Justin Purvis and Collier McKenzie organized the trip.


The group posed for a picture with Governor Nathan Deal (Mercer Alum), listened to Chief Justice Carol Hunstein give the State of the Judiciary address before a joint legislative session, watched the General Assembly vote on bills, and met with Senator Bill Hamrick (Chair of the Judiciary Committee), Attorney Robert Lystad (Mercer Alum), and Lobbyist Arthur Edge (Georgia Link). The trip was part of Mercer’s new Legislative and Administrative Practicum Class in which students work with government offices throughout the state and learn about the legislative and administrative processes in the classroom. As Latoya Williams commented afterwards, “The trip to the Capitol was amazing. I have never been in the room with so much power before.”

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