LL.M. Program

Mercer Law's LL.M. in Federal Criminal Practice and Procedure is the only program in the nation designed for law school graduates seeking to prepare themselves for federal criminal practice as a prosecutor, Federal Defender, or private defense counsel.

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Email Lists

It is possible to send a message to the entire law school student body, faculty, staff or a single class.  Students have the ability to send to this lists in bold below:

General E-mail Lists
Faculty & Staff FacStaff-DL@law.mercer.edu
Faculty Faculty-DL@law.mercer.edu
Staff Staff-DL@law.mercer.edu
Adjunct Faculty AdjunctFaculty-DL@law.mercer.edu
Professional Staff ProfStaff-DL@law.mercer.edu
Senior Staff SeniorStaff-DL@law.mercer.edu
Classified Staff ClassStaff-DL@law.mercer.edu
Library Library-DL@law.mercer.edu
Librarians Librarians-DL@law.mercer.edu
Faculty Secretaries FacSec-DL@law.mercer.edu
Student Distribution Lists
All Students StudentBody-DL@law.mercer.edu
Class of 2016 (13-14 1Ls) ClassOf2016-DL@law.mercer.edu
Class of 2015 (13-14 2Ls) ClassOf2015-DL@law.mercer.edu
Class of 2014 (13-14 3Ls) ClassOf2014-DL@law.mercer.edu
LLM Class of 2013 LLM-DL@law.mercer.edu  

Sending an email to a specific class: lawXXXXXSSYY-CL@mercer.edu.  For example LAW 100.04 taught during Spring 2012 would be law10004FS12-CL@mercer.edu.  


Did you know?

Both the Governor of Georgia and the Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court are alumni of Mercer Law School.