Fabiani Duarte


Class of 2016

Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama

: Vanderbilt University

Reason for attending Mercer Law
I decided to attend Mercer Law for four main reasons:
  1. Mercer Law’s prestige and formal recognition throughout the country as a producer of some of the strongest legal writers in the country;
  2. After visiting the law school, I could tell from the students I met, the classes I sat in on, and the aesthetics and architectural choices of the campus, that Mercer Law was more than another high achieving law school; it was a friendly place with open-minded students, welcoming administrators, and down-to-earth faculty that I knew I would make it a lot easier for me to call this new place my new home.
  3. Mercer Law showed an interest and willingness to work with me to craft a dual degree program with Mercer’s McAfee School of Theology. The helpful faculty and flexible administration encouraged me that we could work together to create a program that would parallel joint law and divinity degrees available at other schools.
  4. Mercer’s financial generosity based on their honest consideration and balance of my work, life, and academic experience far beyond my LSAT scores.
Favorite Place/Event in Macon:
By far, my favorite Macon community event is the Macon Pops concert series. Featuring members of the Macon Symphony Orchestra and other accomplished musicians, the Macon Pops plays popular, danceable, and toe-tapping music including big band classics, jazz standards, pop hits, and country music favorites. The quarterly event attracts hundreds of community members and music lovers to the historic Macon City Auditorium for an evening of world-class music and casual fun.

Typical Week: