Academic Success Programs

Mercer Law is focused on providing students with the tools necessary to succeed in law school and beyond. Academic Success Programs (ASP) provides helpful resources to students in many forms. Workshops and seminars are held throughout both the fall and spring semesters, focusing on a variety of topics, including legal analysis, course outlining, exam strategies, and bar preparation. Students may also take advantage of the ASP peer-to-peer mentoring program and one-on-one academic counseling with ASP staff. 

All students are invited to meet with Director Margaret McCann or Assistant Director Michelle Buck as needed to address academic success. Please contact them for an appointment at:

Director Margaret McCann at

Assistant Director Michelle Buck at



First-year students are encouraged to attend workshops throughout the year during a dedicated weekly meeting time. Topics covered in the workshops include: 

Law School Basics:
Introduce rule structure (elements, factors, and considerations) and synthesize a rule of law from a line of cases.  Practice applying the synthesized rule to a new set of facts.

Classroom Participation:
Introduce Socratic Method. Select Moot Court and Mock Trial team members share tips and techniques on oral presentation and advocacy.  

Getting the Most Out of Classes:
Discuss distinct approaches for class preparation and post-class review and how these approaches correspond to different teaching styles.  Student mentors share various study methods.  

Critical Reading:
Practice critical reading skills. Discuss active and engaged reading of cases, review case briefing, and explain the role of hypothetical problems. 

Court’s Methodology:
Explore going beyond black-letter law.  Debate why certain facts matter more than others and whether a rule is narrowly or broadly interpreted.

Gaining Depth & Precision in Your Analysis:
Anticipate midterm and exam questions. Spend study time synthesizing cases and preparing a framework to use when answering questions.  Student mentors share various study methods. 

Outlining Seminar and Professor Panel:
Professors share insights into reviewing for final exams. Topics include organizing an outline and maintaining focus on the “big picture” of a course.  

Attempt a practice problem containing multiple issues. Focus on recognizing each separate issue and addressing each in a thorough and organized manner.  

Outlining Workshop Featuring Professor McMurtry-Chubb:
Move from course syllabus and class notes to a practical outline for exam-studying purposes. Professor McMurtry-Chubb shows how various skills practiced in previous workshops are used in combination for thorough exam preparation. 

Gaining Depth & Precision in Your Analysis:
Prepare for the fact-specific analysis.  Spend study time creating a solid framework for anticipated topics.  Walk into the exam prepared with synthesized rules to apply to new fact patterns.  

Exam Workshop and Student Panel:
Analyze a practice exam question.  Focus on aggressive reading, issue-spotting, organizing thoughts, and presenting a clear answer.  Outline the components of a comprehensive answer. 

Professor Panel on Final Exams:
Professors speak about final exam preparation, including practicing with old exam questions and making responsible use of study time.