Mercer Law Ranks 25th in the Nation for 2012 Employment Rates

On March 29, the American Bar Association’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar released employment data for the class of 2012 as of Feb. 15, nine months after graduation. Mercer Law School was ranked 25th nationally, with 73.2 percent of its graduates in full-time, long-term positions requiring bar admission.

Mercer Law School was the second highest law school in Georgia, behind Emory Law School by 0.1 percent.

Overall for the Class of 2012, 84.5% had full-time, long-term positions for which a law degree is required or preferred, were employed full-time in other long-term professional positions, or were enrolled full-time in an LL.M. or other advanced degree program. Another 2.8% had part-time employment in legal or other professional positions.

Mercer Law Dean Gary Simson acknowledged that is a truly important and meaningful accomplishment stating, “It speaks volumes about the quality of our graduates, the education that they receive and, last but not least, the work that our Career Services Office is doing.”

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