Student Services


Summer Access Announcement    

Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law is allowing unlimited access over the summer for any purpose. 
For May graduates, you will be given access for six months after you graduate, until November.

Lexis Advance

Lexis Advance is allowing unlimited access over the summer for any purpose. 
Continued access includes tools, search history and the same exclusive content and practical guidance they have relied on all year long.  Whether clerking, interning or working at a firm, students can use their law school access.*  Summer Access Flyer

Lexis Advance Graduate Access
In addition to summer access for 1Ls and 2Ls, graduating 3Ls have continued access to Lexis upon graduation to keep their skills up to date and use for job and interview preparation. The Graduate Program gives extended access to Lexis Advance to spring graduates via their law school IDs through December 31, 2020. This ID also grants them access to the Graduate Home Page and gives them a graduation gift (detailed in the flyer). The transition from a regular law school ID to a graduate ID happens on July 5, 2020. Graduate Program Flyer

Westlaw Edge
You do not have to do anything on Westlaw to extend access during the summer. Just sign on as always. However, students can only use Westlaw for educational purposes. Examples of permissible uses for your academic password include the following: Summer Coursework, Research Assistant Assignments, Law Review or Journal Research, Moot Court Research, Non-Profit Work, Clinical Work, Externship sponsored by the School.

Westlaw Edge Graduate Access
May graduates are eligible for an 18 month extension - this applies for our Mercer Law students, thanks to your Mercer Law Library! Make sure you register for the 18 month extension when signing on to Westlaw (automatic pop up for May graduates). Your “Grad Elite” access gives you 60-hours of usage per month, with no restrictions against using them for professional purposes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!

Professor Denise Gibson
Assistant Law Librarian for Research Services,
Manager of Mercer Law School's Bloomberg Law, CALI, LexisNexis, and Westlaw Programs

gibson_dm@law.mercer.eduRoom 219, Law Library

Online Study Aids Announcement 2020

1. West Online Study Aids
Mercer law students have access to West's Online Study Aids 24/7, which includes titles from Concise Hornbooks, Exam Pro, High Court Case Summaries, the Acing Series, Nutshells, Short and Happy Guides, Career Guides, and Gilbert Law Summaries. This collection also includes audio lectures such as the Sum and Substance Audio Series. We recommend that students create their own accounts for highlighting and taking notes (Create an Account link is at the top right corner of the West Online Study Aids home page.  Use your Mercer Law email as the email address.) Short video on using the study aids:

2. Study Aids Online - Wolters Kluwer (WK)     
Wolters Kluwer online study aids provides unlimited access to hundreds of study aid titles, including Examples & Explanations (a law student favorite), Emanuel Law OutlinesGlannon Guides, and more. Students may be prompted to enter their MyMercer Login and ID to access it off campus. We recommend that students create their own accounts for taking notes, printing, downloading, and highlighting, but they need to be on the law school campus to create their accounts. (Click To Personalize Login in upper right corner.) 

Find Books

Use LawCat, the law library's online catalog, to find books and other materials available at the Mercer University libraries, including the Law Library.

Google Books
Use Google Book Search to find and preview millions of books from libraries and publishers worldwide.
HathiTrust Digital Library
The HathiTrust Digital Library is a shared repository of works digitized by its research library members and many are available in full text.

Library of Congress Online Catalog
The Library of Congress serves as the research arm of the United States Congres. It is also the largest library in the world, with nearly 128 million items on approximately 530 miles of bookshelves. This site is useful for checking and validating bibliographic information on a book. 

Use WorldCat to locate books and other materials from over 12,000 librarires worldwide. WorldCat is especially helpful in initiating an interlibrary loan request. Please consult with a Law Librarian in using WorldCat.

HeinOnline Legal Classics Library
The Legal Classics Library  on HeinOnline offers more than 1,800 works from some of the greatest legal minds in history, including Joseph Story, William Blackstone, Henry Maine, Frederick William Maitland, Louis Brandeis, Benjamin N. Cardozo, Edwardo Coke and many more. In addition to many "classics", this collection includes rare items that are found in only a handful of libraries around the world.

Can't find a book?  
You may consult our law librarians at the Reference Desk (301-2334) for assistance in locating a book. If the law library does not own the book you need, or it is not accessible online, we may obtain it from another library through our Interlibrary Loan Service, available exclusively to Mercer law students and faculty. The requested item generally arrives within two weeks; contact the circulation desk in person or call 301-2613.

Find Articles in Legal Literature

Use LawCat, the law library's online catalog, to find where law reviews and journals are physically located in the Law Library. If an external link to a subscription database is provided for a specific title, access to full-text articles will be available.

A to Z eJournals
Mercer Law Library's A to Z eJournals provides access to online law reviews and legal journals in collections to which the library subscribes.

HeinOnline Law Journal Library
The HeinOnline Law Journal Library provides full-text access in pdf format to law reviews and journals. Coverage begins with a journal's first volume but may not include the most recent issues. You can search by article title, author, description, date, or across the full text of the articles.

Bar Journals
HeinOnline Bar Journals provides full-text access in pdf format to over 75 state and local bar Journals. You can search by article title, author, description, date, or across the full text of the articles.

Westlaw Journals and Law Reviews
WestlawJournals and Law Reviews contains the full text of articles from law reviews, CLE course materials and bar journals. Coverage varies.

LexisNexis US Law Reviews & Journals, Combined
LexisNexis US Law Reviews & Journals contains articles in full-text from law reviews, CLE course materials and bar journals. Coverage varies.

Find Articles in Academic Literature

A to Z eJournals
Mercer Law Library's A to Z eJournals provides access to online journals from a variety of disciplines in collections to which the library subscribes

Galileo, a consortium of participating Georgia libraries, provides access to over 2,000 magazines and journal articels on all subjects.

Google Scholar
Use Google Scholar to find peer-reviewed papers, theses, abstracts and technical reports from a wide variety of academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories and universities. The "Advanced Scholar Search" provides fields to look for articles by author, publication, or date. Although Google Scholar is free, it is limited. A researcher should also search other resources, such as ILP, HeinOnline, Lexis and Westlaw.

JSTOR provides back files for most journals, but starting in January 2011, more than 174 journals will contain current issues. Mercer University subscribes to The Arts & Sciences I, II and III, and also Health & General Sciences. JSTOR's agreement with publishers include an updating provision referred to as a "moving wall," which is a fixed period of time ranging from 3 to 5 years (but publishers may elect walls anywhere from zero to 10 years), that defines the gap between the most recently published issue of any journal.

ScienceDirect is one of the largest online collections of published scientific research in the world. It is operated by the publisher Elsevier Science and provides access to the current twelve months of full text articles from approximately 200 journals in science and medicine, with some coverage of social sciences and humanities (particularly management, economics, psychology, and linguistics). It also includes the International Journal of the Sociology of Law. The issues are available on a rolling basis.

Wiley Online Library
Considered a premier source for study, teaching, and advanced research, this database offers scholarly materials from a wide range of science in full text format from 1997 to the present. Collections also include Law and Criminology (American Business Journal, Behavioral Sciences and the Law, Criminal Behavior and Mental Health, and much more). An open padlock icon represents titles within Mercer University's subscription.

Can't find an article?
You may consult our law librarians at the Reference Desk (301-2234) for assistance in locating an article. If the law library does not own the journal, or it is not available  through our subscription databases, we may be able to obtain the article from another library through our Interlibrary Loan Service, available exclusively to Mercer law students and faculty; contact the circulation desk in person or call 301-2613 to submit an ILL request.

Find Newspapers

Georgia Newspapers Online 
Coverage varies, but most newspapers listed on this site provide current issues only.

Atlanta Journal Constitution  
Online access through Nexis Uni 1991 -

Lexis Advance and Westlaw.

Additional Services

Reference and Research Assistance
Law students may consult with Law Librarians, most of whom teach legal research courses, at the Reference Desk (or call 301-2334) for assistance and advice on identifying and developing effective research strategies. Our Law Librarians can also assist students with using Bloomberg Law, Westlaw, Lexis, HeinOnline, and other online subscription services, and with specific and general questions on using the print collection, services, and facilities of the law library.

High demand items, such as popular study aids from the reserve collection (located behind the circulation desk), may be checked out for two hours for use in the law library only. Within two hours of closing, some reserve items may be checked out overnight but must be returned one hour after the library opens the next day. 

Study Rooms and Carrels
For your convenience, the Law Library has nine  rooms for group study. Four of these rooms on the third floor are equipped with technology to facilitate collaboration while studying. Keys to the study rooms can be checked out at the circulation desk. Although the library is wireless, we do have many individual carrels and tables with outlets for laptop use. 

Scanners and Photocopiers
A do-it-yourself scanning station is available on the second floor of the library where you can scan and email documents for free.  We also have two digital copiers which will reduce, enlarge, collate, and make double-sided copies. 

Students receive a certain amount of free print credits at the beginning of each academic year. Additional print credits may be purchased as needed, and unused print credits carry over to the next academic year.

Borrowing privileges for law students:

  1. One and two-volume treatises from the general collection may be checked out for two weeks.
  2. Two (two-week) renewals are allowed, and may be made in person or by calling 301-2612.
  3. A limit of 10 items may be checked out at once.
  4. Most one and two-volume reserve materials may be checked out for two hours, for library use only. Within two hours of library closing, reserve materials may be checked out for overnight use, and may leave the building. These items will then be due one hour after the library opens the next day. Some materials, including codes, regulations, reporters, and multi-volume sets, do not circulate overnight.
  5. Video tapes and audiotapes in the general collection may be checked out for 24 hours, and may be renewed for a second 24 hours.

Fines for law students:

Treatises: 10 cents for each day overdue, for law students. For all other patrons, 25 cents for each day overdue.

Reserve materials (including DVDs, video and audiotapes): 25 cents for each hour overdue.

DVDs and videocassettes: 25 cents for each day overdue.